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💕 Customizable Surprise Box

💕 Customizable Surprise Box

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What is the Customizable Surprise Box?

The Customizable Surprise Box contains 10 Jewels. Each one of them is accompanied with a special dedication of moments lived with our special people.


What Jewels does the Customizable Surprise Box include?

Includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

How is it packaged?

Each Jewel is individually packaged with its corresponding dedication.

What are the 10 dedications for each Joyita?

The 10 dedications are fully customizable.

Who can I give the Customizable Surprise Box to?

You can give the Customizable Surprise Box:

- ❤️ To your Sister

- ❤️ To your Niece

- ❤️ To your cousin

- ❤️ To your Daughter-in-law

- ❤️ To your Mother-in-law

- ❤️ To your neighbor

- ❤️ To your Tita

- ❤️ To your Sister-in-law

- ❤️ To your Daughter

- ❤️ To your Granddaughter

- ❤️ To your Godmother

- ❤️ To your Grandmother

- ❤️ To your Boss

- ❤️ To your co-worker

- ❤️ To your Invisible Friend

Can I choose Joyitas?

They are Surprises. We put rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings on it.

How long does shipping take?

Products in the Personalized Gifts section are packaged by hand, preparation time is 48 to 72 hours. Delivery in 48/72 hours.

If you need it urgently, contact us at this WhatsApp number 607733173

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