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💕 Customizable / Surprise FRIEND Box

💕 Customizable / Surprise FRIEND Box

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What does the Surprise Box for AMIGA consist of?

The AMIGA Surprise Box contains 10 Jewels. Each one of them is accompanied by a special dedication of moments lived with our friends.


What Jewels does the Surprise Box for AMIGA include?

Includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

How is it packaged?

Each Jewel is individually packaged with its corresponding dedication.

What are the dedications for each Joyita?

❤️ 1.- "I give you this Jewel for our afternoons of shopping and endless chats through Stradivarius, Zara... ".

❤️ 2.- "I give you this Jewel for those crazy memories ... that just thinking about them makes us laugh again ."

❤️ 3.- "I give you this Jewel for the nights we spend talking about our dreams and disappointments ."

❤️ 4.- "I give you this Jewel because when we want to know something... we are better than the FBI investigating ."

❤️ 5.- "I give you this Jewel for all the hugs you gave me when I needed it most ."

❤️ 6.- "I give you this Jewel because nothing is impossible. Except organize an outing with friends ! ".

❤️ 7.- "I give you this Jewel for the times you saved me without realizing it with your memes, Netflix nights and little messages... ".

❤️ 8.- "I give you this Jewel for all the times I will call you when we are old ladies , at 02:00 am and it will not be to go to a party, but to ask you about your tension because mine will be high... " .

❤️ 9.- "I give you this Jewel for all the dreams that you are going to fulfill, all those dreams that one day you told me ."

❤️ 10.- "I give you this Jewel for all the nights out when I ask you , What are you going to wear? ".

Can I personalize the 10 Dedications?

Of course, you can choose the general dedications that we have published on the website or you can totally customize the 10 dedications.

Can I choose Joyitas?

They are Surprises. We put rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings on it.

How long does shipping take?

Products in the Personalized Gifts section are packaged by hand, preparation time is 48 to 72 hours. Delivery in 48/72 hours.

If you need it urgently, contact us at this WhatsApp number 607733173

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