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Nurse keychain

Nurse keychain

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How did he send you the photo?

You would only have to select:

1. If you want single-sided or double-sided engraving.

2. Select the Delivery Date.

3. Once the order is placed, send the prints/Photos to our designer at this WhatsApp number 607 73 31 73

Why do I have to order in advance?

Due to the volume of orders we have only enabled 3 delivery dates since the personalization is made by hand and we can accept a limited number of orders. 

You can select the delivery date and after a few days send the photos to WhatsApp.

This way we guarantee the personalization of the necklace and delivery on the selected date.

What is the difference between single-sided engraving and double-sided engraving?

- Single-sided engraving is engraved only on the front. Example: Couple photo.

- Double-sided engraving is recorded on both sides. Example: On the front side the couple photo and on the back side the names.

- Material: Stainless Steel

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